Tissues. The timeless app.


t:issue uses sustainably sourced tissue packs as a cost effective, high impact advertising space.
Your message is accepted and retained, compounding the message with each interaction.


Generating $billions in sales for businesses in Japan and the US for years,
t:issue was the first to bring this simple, effective marketing concept to the UK.


Up to 100 times more effective than display ads, and on average gets at least twice the response rate for a fraction of the cost
compared to direct mail, there’s little wonder why these small ‘personal billboards’ are becoming so popular.


Whether it’s building brand awareness or direct response, a stand alone campaign or part
of an integrated mix, t:issue is here to help you create a buzz and get results.

















From concept to completion, our service has all angles covered.
















a message that stays with you.


We can target any location your customers will be at, be it around your opening, an event, an expo, or even at home.

Our service is best known for targeting consumers outside busy commuter hubs. We only need to deploy a distribution team for short bursts during AM and PM peak times

to get your message into the hands of hundreds of thousands of your customers within hours.











our packs


Quality sets us apart.

Only tissue marketing company with FSC tissues and an ISO 9001 certification

Standard and Premium options

Matt or glossy pack finish

10 x Grade A tissues

Can print detailed graphics on tissues

Unique wallet design. More space for your message

Can include coupon/ loyalty card/ product sample

Or QR code/ AR/ PURL/ unique text or telephone #/ offer code












One simple concept. A wealth of applications.

Direct customers to offline or online location

Activation mechanic

Boost brand awareness

Drive call to action

Distribute near point of purchase

Targeted distribution

Conferences, expos, tradeshows

Store openings

Direct mail

Door drops

In-store freebie

Magazine inserts







contact us

London based. Global delivery.


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Robin, Marketing Manager at IMG World

“T:ISSUE provided us with a quick, reliable and friendly service that enabled us to get our adverts into consumers hands where and when we wanted. After initially being sceptical about this form of marketing in the UK, the tissue packets proved to be a great success, with the added functionality of the advertisement allowing us to convey our message in a new and unique way that consumers retained more than they would with traditional mediums. In previous years we had found it hard reaching our sales target, however with t:issue’s help we almost doubled it.”


Louise, Marketing Manager at Inghams

“The tissues were a brilliant way to engage our customers, prospective customers and our colleagues in the industry, and created a great buzz as people wondered what we were giving away. The QR code and unique URL on the packs gave an immediate and measurable way to respond for more information about holidays. I was very pleased with the service throughout, and the design ideas were relevant and strong. The team went above and beyond the call of duty to help me keep the project on plan and on budget, and we had a lot of fun doing it. I would look at repeating this for other destinations. Very good value for money.”


James, Marketing Manager at Inside Tours

“We instantly loved the idea of marketing through tissue packs. For us, as a travel company whose staff have all lived in Japan, we knew the style of marketing very well and thought it would be a great branding exercise at the various events that we attended. The t:issue packs looked great and we found that the public loved them. It has been a new way of marketing our company and product to the UK consumer and has certainly helped us stand out from our competitors.”


Lawrence, Director at Roullier White

“We used t:issue to help entice local footfall into our store. The team far surpassed our expectations, and their street team did a wonderful job driving customers in, as well offering information about what we sold. Very impressed by the results.”


Yiannis, Director at Student Life

“In order to promote our website we needed marketing tools that would attract the attention of students and at the same time be financially suitable, and tissue marketing was the perfect choice. The results were really positive, and achieved our objective of attracting the attention of students and directing them to the website.