[box]At t:issue we use uniquely designed, environmentally friendly pocket tissue packs as an advertising space, giving them away to targeted members of the public on behalf of our clients. Compared to traditional methods of offline direct marketing in the UK like direct mail, on average tissue marketing gets twice the redemption rate for at least half the cost.

Environmental issues are a major concern of ours. This is why our tissues are sourced from sustainable forests managed by the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification and the Forest Stewardship Council. We also offer a biodegradable plastic casing option for full peace of mind.

The idea started in Japan over 50 years ago, and is now a multi- billion dollar industry there, with an estimated 4 billion packs distributed each year. The idea recently spread to America, where after a string of successful campaigns major organisations from the public and private sector started to adopt the idea.

The fact tissue packs are used as an ad space is immaterial, although there are creative ways to make it relevant (think ‘an offer not to be sniffed at’ etc.). They’re merely an item people want, keep, and have enough space with our unique wallet design for a strong call to action; the perfect compromise between space, value and cost.

We’ve seen 1400% R.O.I, have been doubling our clients’ sales targets and have generated a buzz wherever we go. Just check out our testimonials. Why not see if your business can benefit from this simple yet effective marketing concept today?[/box]

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